You Are What You Eat

What we ingest into our body through our mouth and skin effect our health. If we imagine our body as our temple, does that motivate us to invest in healthier foods to put into it? For me, I’m currently motivated to have the majority of each meal, including breakfast, consist of fruits and vegetables. Drinking lots of water hydrates my skin and also allows my body to release impurities. Sweating out toxins through my body’s largest organ- my skin- allows it to glow and look healthier. I have recently been in the habit of using only organic skin products, including sunscreen. When I eat a lot of processed foods I tend to get brain fog and have problems focusing. Cumulatively, taking these steps every day results in a healthy body and healthier mind. 7/7/19

Bare Tanned Skin

We all love the way we feel when our skin is glowing with a natural looking tan. We are bare, we’re warm and feel content after a long winter in Northern Colorado. What’s better- getting a professional spray tan or doing it ourselves with a sunless tanning lotion? For the health of our skin, we know better than to lay out in the sun like we did in our youth.

The smart thing to do is acquire a tan from either a professional or a self-tanner and then to apply sunscreen on top of that. Purify Skin and Spa in Fort Collins offers a full body spray tan for only $25. We recommend that you apply moisturizers to extend the life of the tan, which lasts over a week. We sell some very good products from South Seas. The benefit to getting a spray tan from us is that we are very thorough and can see spots that may be hard to reach or cover by you.

If you choose a self-tanner, you can do it from the comfort of your home. I usually mix the tanning lotion with my own daily body lotion, so that the coverage is even. Purify Skin and Spa sells a wonderful Glo Moisturizing Tint SPF 30+ that I wear every day.

Happy Summer! 6/3/19

Summer Is Coming!

Are you ready for summer? In Northern Colorado, we have long seasons where we are exposed to sunlight and weather. Spring, summer and fall are full of green grass, flowers and beautiful sunny days.

Be sure to stay hydrated and give your body lots of fruits and vegetables. Glo mineral sunscreen can protect your skin from the sun’s harsh rays. Come in and see us for laser hair removal, spray tanning and your other beauty needs. May 20, 2019


When we glow, our skin glows. Our happiness is reflected from inside to outside for everyone to see. Our radiance is transmitted to the world around us and enjoyed by everyone we come into contact with.

Being happy in our lives is achievable. Create a grateful journal and write in it every day. You will find you have even more to be happy and grateful for than you realized. April 28, 2019

beautifu woman with green eyes, lush lashes and full brows

Our Eyes Say Everything

The eye is the jewel of the body~Henry David Thoreau

I love that saying. We speak with our eyes, even more than what we say with words. We often see women at Purify Skin and Spa who are ready to showcase their eyes and what they are communicating. With full brows and lush lashes, your naturally beautiful eyes are highlighted and sparkle with whatever emotion you are feeling.

Beautiful People Are More Successful

There are lots of reasons to take good care of yourself. It feels good to work out- you can feel your body get stronger and healthier. Taking care of your skin and getting beauty treatments not only make it easier to look in the mirror- it’s proven that you are more successful in many ways.

An attractive woman who has the same qualifications as a woman who is average looking is more likely to be hired. She also will get promotions more quickly. Beautiful people make 3-4% more money per year over their lifetime…and it adds up! You’re also more likely to get approved for a loan and pay a lower percentage rate.

This is an unconscious bias by both men and women and it has been proven by research. A confident, happy woman is more likely to have doors opened for her both in entering a room and for new opportunities.

Getting IPL, facials, micro blading, teeth whitening and lash extensions can pay off not only with higher self esteem, but with greater financial success. Don’t be afraid to spend the money to take good care of yourself! March 5, 2019

Why use a Phyto-Active Facial product?

There are lots of reasons to use Phyto-Active products on your skin. New plant stem cell technology assists in reducing the signs of aging to regenerate your skin. Products using plant components are more natural than synthetic additives. Your skin craves healthy cleansers and creams, especially with the dry winters in Fort Collins and Loveland. Ask us about products you can use regularly to look and feel your best. January 30, 2019

The Joys of Having Eyelash Extensions in Winter

Living in beautiful Northern Colorado in the winter has it’s ups and downs. Fort Collins, Loveland, Windsor and Greeley all have relatively mild winters, which I’m grateful for. I love the seasons and our area of Colorado has the best ones.

I love walking around Old Town Fort Collins in the winter, feeling the soft snowflakes hit my face. I feel so free when I feel the flakes hit my eyelashes and melt there. I no longer have to worry about mascara melting and running. My lashes look perfect in all conditions. I’m so grateful and happy to have beautiful, low-maintenance eyes! January 17, 2019

Benefits To Getting Regular Facials

  • Gentle facial massage addresses your pressure points and reduces stress. You feel so relaxed and your facial muscles loosen
  • Your aesthetician will thoroughly cleanse your skin with high-end products that open your pores and remove all toxins
  • Extracting whiteheads and blackheads should only be done by a professional in order to not injure your skin. Regular facials help keep your pores clean and open.
  • Your aesthetician will exfoliate your skin, removing all dead skin cells and giving you a more vibrant look.
  • Tightening your skin is performed using specialized creams, masks and chemical peels, formulated exactly for your skin type.
  • Eye creams to treat dark circles and crows feet are applied by your aesthetician and have anti-aging properties. January 9, 2019

Why You Should Choose Mineral Makeup

Today’s makeup is different. It’s sophisticated and created by scientists, not just beauty specialists. We feel that makeup is an extension of the skincare we provide to our clients and want the best for you.

We love Glo because we see a difference in our client’s skin. The weather in Ft. Collins and Loveland in the winter can be tough on you. The antioxidants that fight the free radicals that damage your skin are included in all of our foundations. Glo foundations include Vitamins A, C, E and Green Tea Extract as active ingredients.

Our Glo Makeup kits are perfect for your most discerning family members and friends. Call us or come in to pick up some today! December 21, 2018

Keeping Your Skin Healthy in Winter

Caring for your skin in wintertime can be challenging but we have some tips for you.

  • Taking a lukewarm shower is better for your skin than hot water. After showering, blot your skin dry carefully and make sure to apply a thick moisturizer within a few minutes for best results.
  • Hydrate by drinking lots of water every day and limiting drinks such as soda, caffeine and alcohol.
  • Moisturize from the inside out by eating foods containing omega 3 or omega 6 fatty acids. Fish oil and Flaxseed oil are ideal.
  • Use sunscreen even on dreary days- believe me- the sun can cause damage to your skin even through clouds.
  • Investing in a humidifier can increase the moisture in your home enough to improve your skin during the winter months.
  • Use cream based cleansers and avoid toners or astringents with alcohol which can dry out your skin.
  • Moisturize frequently throughout the day and before bed.
  • You will notice healthy skin after using these tips and everyone around you will too! December 11, 2018

How To Take Care of Your Eyelash Extensions

Caring for your eyelash extensions properly will help maintain longevity. We recommend carefully washing your extensions once daily with a 1:4 mixture of baby shampoo and water. Use this mixture to gently clean your eyelashes and rinse. Brush through your lashes with an eyelash brush  to remove any debris and separate the lashes. Your extensions will last longer and look amazing! November 26, 2019